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Race for Governor

Republican:  Walt Havenstein

Candidate Havenstein has not made any comments about disability issues concerning New Hampshire citizens at all.  This analysis used public domain information presented by the candidate’s own campaign, and the disability community of NH may only “infer” what to expect from a Governor Havenstein.

In response to New Hampshire Supreme Court School Choice ruling, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Walt Havenstein released the following statement:
“I’m pleased that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has dismissed the lawsuit filed by extreme opponents of school choice.  New Hampshire’s School Choice Scholarship Program helps low-income families looking to put their kids in the best school for them….  Instead of blocking school choice for New Hampshire families, I’ll work as Governor to improve the quality and availability of all our schools.”
Source:  Havenstein for Governor website.

The following was presented on Walt Havenstein for New Hampshire’s Site:
• Self-identifies as a "moderate Republican" (Source: WMUR)
• Opposes "broad-based tax"
• Opposes Medicaid expansion
• Supports death penalty
• Supports the same-sex marriage law but says he would consider a repeal
• Supports Right to Work
• Undecided on Northern Pass
• Undecided on marijuana decriminalization
• Supports cutting business taxes.

DEMOCRAT:  Maggie Hassan

Governor Hassan is the mother of a child with disabilities and has been active in the community.  Prior to assuming office, “Governor Elect” Hassan observed to NH Challenge Editor Jack Krumm she was looking at legal documentation from the previous Legislative session when (then) speaker O’Brien took hostile action with Commissioner Toumpas against the Area Agency system.  Hassan has put “phase two” of Managed Care on hold while her New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services strives to work out a plan for implementation to assure service to people with developmental disabilities.  There has been no indication the Governor will stop (former) speaker O’Brien and NH Commissioner Toumpas in their wish to place citizens with developmental disabilities under the care of for profit companies while putting the trusted Area Agency system out of business.

The Governor claims to have worked across party lines to enact a bipartisan plan to expand access to health coverage to as many as 50,000 hard-working Granite Staters.
During her first two years tenure Hassan significantly increased investment in community-based mental health services alleviating strain on hospital emergency rooms.
Governor Hassan seeks additional competition in New Hampshire’s Health Insurance Marketplace to improve choices for consumers, leading to several new insurers for 2015.
Governor Hassan increased funding for services for those with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorders.
Has observed she will use her next term (if elected) to continue working to ensure that all Granite Staters have access to the health care they need to live healthy, productive lives.