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This Election…
By: John M. Krumm (Jack) Editor, The New Hampshire Challenge

Perhaps the most important aspect of this election cycle in New Hampshire is the race for those who wish to be a NH State Senator.  While there are many seasoned and committed members of the NH House, the House sometimes is subject to wild swings of philosophy and responsibility to govern.  Ideologies can get in the way of the public’s interest more easily in the House.
NH’s State Senate has lived up to its reputation of taking a cool step back to examine the issue and setting the public’s interests above those who would simply seek to impose power.   Republicans and Democrats in the State Senate have stood up for the Disability Community.  The party does not matter, what is inside the head of the candidate for Senate does.
We at The Challenge worked hard at 4 questions which would make potential State Senators think about you.  Their thoughts are in this edition.  You should examine who replied and who did not care enough to reply.  Examine the answers provided to us and then YOU make your mind up.
But, pay attention to who simply replied from a “medical model” involving managed care.  See if they realized ours is not a “medical model”.  Our citizens with developmental disabilities rely upon a subject matter that involves social work, community connections and innovation on the local level.  Our Area Agencies craft lives well lived, they don’t prescribe a few pills and move on.
We have done our part.  It is now up to you, to examine the answers and pick your State Senator.  Do not let down those who have gone before us from both parties who challenged the institutional and “one answer fits all” model in the past.   These heroes closed Laconia State School, and would resist with their very lives any attempt by any Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or communist to impose “one size fits all” upon the citizens they liberated.